Bill Review


Incorrect billing results in 10% – 15% overcharges” – Gartner Dataquest

In today’s environment, many companies have consolidated their telecommunications department and IT department in an effort to reduce labor costs. While this certainly does reduce labor costs, it often increases the risk of overwhelming staff and assigning tasks that may not be their area of expertise. An outsourced telecom partner alleviates this problem and allows a company to benefit by having all telecom issues managed by true telecom professionals.
TelecomTelecommunications carriers have drastically reduced their staff, thereby leaving customers to fend for themselves when it comes to telecom planning, implementation and telecom billing issues. Reduced support staff at the carrier level has left many companies in quite a bind. Companies are forced to spend an increasing amount of time in telecom order management, keeping up with changes in the industry, obtaining support and trying to resolve billing issues. This can cause serious problems for an already over-stretched IT or other department. Outsourcing your telecom management to m&m Innovations will alleviate all of this frustration.
While there are numerous financial, organizational and staffing related reasons to consider outsourcing telecommunications management, a few of the top reasons are discussed below.

  1. Faster and more efficient telecom implementation.
    Whether your company is moving, making changes to your existing telecom services or changing providers, the implementation of these changes can be frustrating and incredibly time consuming. m&m Innovations has an experienced staff to make minor or major changes to your telecom infrastructure far less stressful. m&m Innovations works to gain a complete understanding of each clients existing telecom infrastructure by analyzing the current telecom environment at length. Through this analysis and a complete telecom inventory of services in use, m&m Innovations can offer suggestions to make changes to existing telecom infrastructure easier and more cost effective.
  2. Telecom Cost Recovery
    It is no secret that errors on telecom invoices are on the rise. As the carriers continually merge and consolidate, the likelihood of telecom billing errors has continued to increase. Outsourcing your company’s telecom management to m&m Innovations allows your company to have an edge when professionals review the invoices for errors before they take a toll. Billing errors are identified and resolved before the invoices are paid and credits or reimbursements are issued in a timely manner.
  3. Telecom Project Management made hassle-free.
    Major projects are particularly difficult these days as the telephone companies are quick to show interest but slow to deliver results. Telecom contract negotiations, network design and telecom order management can often take weeks or even months. m&m Innovations staff has extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of Telecom Project Management to make the process as easy as possible. By having m&m Innovations act on your behalf, these processes are expedited and overseen so the project is completed on time and within budget. m&m Innovations offers complete telecom management services to assist clients in all phases of a project from the initial planning to a review of the first invoice.

Up to 85% of mid-market company telecom bills are paid in full and are not audited by the organization. What effect does this have on the organization? Is there an actual experienced team in place to audit your telecom billing?  For bills that are validated, billing analysts most often examine just a small subset of invoices associated with the largest spending. How much is being missed in the audit process? In addition to auditing, is the team that is most familiar with the charges also researching better and more efficient communication methods?  Billing analysts spend an estimated 20% of their time identifying the billing issue and 80% of their time validating to resolve it. Ever contacted a carrier regarding a billing issue? How pleased were you with the time and effort? Did it ever actually get resolved? How much was the total cost to bring a resolution to fruition?

According to CFO Magazine, three key reasons why industry, government, and education outsource telecom management services are:

  1. TelecomFraudulent Billing – Estimated to cost carriers $143 billion a year.
  2. Customized Carrier Contracts – Resulting in money spent on services or minutes never used.
  3. Inadequate Oversight – Most businesses have no processes in place to verify what they spend on telecom services, with whom, and how.

The fact is most organizations have a mountain of telecom invoices that are received every month to the tune of being the third largest expense for the organization. Telecom costs include local, long distance, wide area networks, wireless, and equipment. These expenses come in the form of paper invoices as well as CDs, many with a minimum of 25 reports that have no correlation to what is needed for a proper evaluation. Most of the individuals that sign off for payment wear thirty other hats and do not have the time to investigate every individual charge.