Can you answer these questions about your organization?

  • AuditIs there illegal software on your company computers?
  • Are your employees downloading music from shareware sites?
  • Do you have your network diagramed?
  • Does your IT staff know how your systems interact with each other?
  • What are your change control procedures?
  • How is access granted to you network and to whom?

These are but a few of the questions every organization in today’s world needs to be able to answer for network security as well as to ensure you’re not exposed legally to a law suit. m&m Innovations audit team is experienced in conducting audits in each of the five types of audits that can have a dramatic affect on you and your organization. We can perform audits for you in each area or focus one facet only if it is your area concern right now. After the discovery phase we will provide you with a detailed report of our findings along with recommendations for going forward.

Types of IT audits

  • AuditSystems and Applications: An audit to verify that systems and applications are appropriate, are efficient, and are adequately controlled to ensure valid, reliable, timely, and secure input, processing, and output at all levels of a system's activity.
  • Information Processing Facilities: An audit to verify that the processing facility is controlled to ensure timely, accurate, and efficient processing of applications under normal and potentially disruptive conditions.
  • Systems Development: An audit to verify that the systems under development meet the objectives of the organization, and to ensure that the systems are developed in accordance with generally accepted standards for systems development.
  • Management of IT and Enterprise Architecture: An audit to verify that IT management has developed an organizational structure and procedures to ensure a controlled and efficient environment for information processing.
  • Client/Server, Telecommunications, Intranets, and Extranets: An audit to verify that controls are in place on the client (computer receiving services), server, and on the network connecting the clients and servers.

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