Printer Maintenance

Companies in every industry are seeking new ways to reduce expenses and increase productivity.

A major area of potential savings is desktop printers according to Gartner Group research. It might surprise you to know:

  • 3% - 4% percent of revenue is spent on paper output
  • Many companies spend up to $3,400 per employee in printing fees
  • 23% of IT time is spent on printer maintenance and management

Our managed print services team has the experience and skills to assess your organization's printer needs and provide effective solutions to help you meet your business objectives. We can demonstrate the benefits of our solution and provide measurements showing improvements and the effectiveness of our services.


We can help you:

  • Control printer purchasing
  • Reduce printer supply costs
  • Pool volumes
  • Manage and maintain fleet
  • Centralize billing
  • Meet environmental (Green) initiatives
  • Make budgeting easier
  • Save manpower and money

We specialize in consulting with a holistic view of the way you print documents and order devices. Thorough assessment of your document workflow will show instant ways to reduce expenses and increase productivity in several areas.


The ABS VIP Printer Program is a comprehensive cost-per-page printer management program that includes:


Toner: Proactive supplies delivery means you don't have to order toner ever again, and you don't have to store unused toner onsite.

Parts: When your printer needs service, we will repair it at no additional cost to you.

Service: Automated service alerts ensure you're back up and running as soon as possible; automated maintenance alerts ensures fewer service calls.

Reports: Custom reports let you see what your print volume is and where your hotspots are. One Invoice: Single invoicing means no more multiple purchase orders or checks