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Let m&m Innovations assess your information systems at no charge or obligation. You will receive a customized report detailing opportunities to reduce risk, lower costs, increase productivity and revenues, and how to eliminate the headaches and hassles that sometimes come with technology.  Bottom line, we want to help you make more money.

Your free technology assessment will cover the following mission-critical areas:


  • Are your employees as comfortable and productive as they need to be with the business software they need most?
  • Do your employees know how to take their software programs to the next level of effectiveness?
  • How quickly do your new employees get up to speed on key software?
  • Do you take full advantage of best-of-breed software and hardware solutions to be more productive?
  • Do you execute information technology projects on time and on budget?
  • How well do your systems allow for real-time data sharing, communication, and collaboration?

Revenue Generation

  • Is your web presence generating as much business as it could?
  • Are you making the most of technology to communicate inexpensively and effectively with clients, prospects, and partners?
  • How effectively do you use digital media solutions to promote your marketing message to prospects?
  • Are you storing and using customer data in ways that increase loyalty and revenue?
  • System Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Are your systems optimized to minimize downtime?
  • Do you have a disaster prevention and recovery plan?
  • Does your technology provide you with the least expensive, best solution for achieving your goals?
  • Are your systems and networks configured properly for both current use and planned growth?
  • Do you have an effective monitoring and maintenance program in place to uncover - and fix - costly problems before they arise?
  • Are your operating systems running as efficiently as possible?


  • Is your data vulnerable to external hackers?
  • Are you systems "inoculated" from viruses and their consequences?
  • Do you have a convenient, automatic back-up system in place to ensure that you won't lose data if something goes wrong?
  • Are you systems optimized to avoid crashes, data corruption or loss?
  • How well prepared are you for a disaster such as electrical outages, fire or flood?
  • How do you protect your data as employees come and go?
  • How do you ensure that only authorized people have access to confidential information?
  • Do your systems meet legal requirements regarding privacy?

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