Five to One

Five to One

m&m Innovations is unique in the industry in several ways.  A prominent differentiator is our "Five to One" policy.  This is  our golden rule of managed services success.

Since we are providing true IT management in-sourcing, we limit our team to five accounts each.  This means your account manager, or IT manager if you will, will be on site at least one day per week - whether he is needed there or not.  This provides a familiarity with your team and encourages interaction with your business. 

Most managed service providers try and stretch the number of clients per technician to as many as possible.  This is an extension of the reactive provider and not a true proactive solution.  Most providers claim to be strategic partners, but only show up to fix a problem or to sell you more product or services.  This is not our way.

Our goal is to have our representative fully integrated into your business just like he was on your staff.
We are your IT Manager, Director or CIO.

Our organizations is built with three account management tiers.  The first is the "IT Manager" who is primarily responsible for your day to day IT operations.  He will be your first point of contact in all IT related items and will spend the time to know you and your business so that m&m can support you appropriately.

The second tier is the IT Director.  The IT Director role continues with the "Five to One" rule as well.  Each Director only manages five IT Managers.  This allows the Director to spend one day a week with each Manager and thus visit and become familiar with each Manager's accounts.  This provides a level of redundancy  in the corporate knowledge for each account.  The IT Director is also the first line of technical escalation and your resource for any issues you feel may need additional attention beyond the IT Manager.

The third tier is the CIO.  He is also under the "Five to One" rule and only manages five IT Directors.  The benefits are transitive to our staff and your business.   The Chief Information Officers report to the ownership and board of directors.

The bottom line.  m&m Innovations believes in true managed services through complete integration with your company.  We accept a reasonable margin to provide a superlative service.  Our commitment to the "Five to One" rule is indicative of our commitment to your continuous satisfaction.