Green Computing

Cutting Costs - Saving the Environment
Employing the latest technology solutions can drastically reduce energy cost and improve system performance while reducing an organizations environmental footprint.

Interesting FactsGreen

  • Companies have been able to reduce their energy consumption by up to 80% by deploying green technology

  • Ninety percent of companies with large datacenters will need to add more power and cooling within the next two years.

  • Among high-end servers, midrange servers, networking equipment, and storage devices, storage devices have the highest power consumption growth rate (191 percent) and the highest overall power consumption (3.2 billion kWh), according to the EPA.

  • A study by McKinsey found that among a total of 458 servers at four production datacenters, 32 percent (146 in all) were running at or below 3 percent peak and average utilization. These types of zombie servers are prime candidates for unplugging to free up space and power and reduce cooling needs.

  • A PC with a screensaver going can use well over 100W of power, compared with only about 10W in sleep mode

  • Although e-waste accounts for only 1 to 4 percent of municipal waste, it may be responsible for as much as 70 percent of the heavy metals in landfills, including 40 percent of all lead.

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