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A Firetide Video Security and Moblity Project Featured

Written by  Dennis Moxley
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I've decided to post a blog on a Firetide, Pelco and Netmotion installation and configuration project.  Since we are the IT subcontractor, I will be focusing on the wireless and IT components.  However, since the end user application drives the design of the wireless infrastructure, we will discuss the Pelco and other componentnts from time to time.

But first a little background.  This project is Phase II for a client who will remain nameless due to NDAs and National Security stuff.  Phase I is a whole other story that I may revisit in outher posts, a pre-quel if you will.  Phase II goals include:

  1. Upgrading current analog cameras to digital IP cameras
  2. Replacing the Video Management System
  3. Add Digital IP cameras
  4. Build upon the existing Firetide wireless infrastructure to include:
    • Connect additional cameras to the wireless infrastructure
    • provide seemless wireless coverage for mobile viewing stations
    • Provide metered WiFi guest access for clients
    • Provide interior wireless services for the administration offices
    • Provide a portable video and wireless hotspot for temporary monitoring and wireless coverage

There are other desires that we will go into as the project progresses.

So let's get in to the gear:


Phase I introduced the Firetide HotPort 6202 wireless mesh nodes.  As described by Firetide:

FTHP6200"HotPort 6000 mesh nodes provide reliable Ethernet connectivity over a high-performance, self-forming wireless mesh backbone - indoors, outdoors, or onboard moving vehicles. All HotPort nodes have multiple Ethernet ports for connecting network devices or other networks to the wireless mesh. HotPort 6000 mesh nodes provide up to 70 Mbps throughput and operate at 2.4 GHz, 4.9 GHz (U.S. public safety licensed band), or 5 GHz. HotPort 6000 nodes are equipped with dual radios, operating at 400 mW."

These radios were connected to MAXRAD Wideband Adjustable Sector Panel Antennas (WISP 4959018MBV.)  The antennas specs: 4.9-6GHz, 14-18dBi, 45-120° horizontal Beamwidth and 8° Vertical Beamwidth.  This antenna provided a lot of design flexibility and came highly recommended.  The inital configuration in Phase I called for 3ea. antennas per radio node - two connected via a splitter to one radio, one connected to the other.  The single antenna was used for infrastructure connectivity and the duals were used for mobility.  More on the antenna selections and configurations in later posts.

 The mesh is managed using Firetide's HotView Pro Network Management Software

"HotView Pro provides centralized management and control of single or multiple Firetide networks with an intuitive web based user interface. It is a sophisticated, yet simple-to-use platform for configuring, monitoring, and managing HotPort®mesh nodes, HotPoint® access points, and HotClient™ customer premises equipment (CPE)."

The application is installed on a modest server with a MS SQL backend.

In my next post I will go over some of the additional hardware and systems that are in place today, and the solution for Phase II.

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Dennis Moxley

Dennis Moxley

Dennis Moxley is a leading expert in Information Technology. Over his twenty years of IT experience, he has managed IT departments for large public sector institutions as an Information Security Officer for the Department of the Navy and as IT Director for mid size healthcare companies like Evergreen Healthcare and Southwest Washington Medical Center. He has been published several times in trade magazines and holds multiple premium IT certifications such as Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He is very experienced in all aspects of security including physical, network and personal information protection. He has worked with law enforcement in computer forensics. Born and raised in the Northwestern United States, he is very familiar with the nuances of the silicon forest and has a vast network of contacts in various industries. Previously he was the Chief Technology Officer of a Portland based security company, 1Pointe. Currently an owner of m&m Innovations. 

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