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Dale Patterson, CFO, Evergreen Healthcare

“Scott is a dedicated IT professional - if you want someone to get the job done, irrespective of personal sacrifice (networks never find a convenient time to go down), I can highly recommend Scott!” February 11, 2010

Dennis Moxley, IT Director, Evergreen Financial Services

“I have known Scott for nearly eight years now. I have always known him to be professional and courteous. He is a sage engineer and is well respected by his peers, managers and his staff. He breeds loyalty in is team that is unusual in modern working environments. He makes the impossible a reality while keeping fiscal constraints in check. His ability to keep the big picture and strategic foresight has served him and his employers well. If presented with a topic that is unfamiliar, he is adept in gathering a wealth of knowledge in a very short period (often overnight), and speaking with authority on the matter at the next encounter. He is full of life and maintains positive morale in his working environment. He is trustworthy in professional and personal matters. He is tough with vendors when needed, but always fair. As his former supervisor, he allowed me to take true vacations. I had/have complete trust in his technical ability and political insight. Scott will bring immediate rewards to any company that is fortunate enough to employ him. I hope to work with him again in the future and he has my highest recommendation for any position he is seeking.” October 12, 2009

Pete Hitchcock, Lan Support Specialist, EHC Financial Services

“Scott is the complete deal with knowhow balanced by great educational background. I have learned a lot from him over the last 7 years. From project management to hands on network and server administration and infrastructure support, Scott has taken the lead on major projects and managed all to completion. Scott has proven himself a fine manager, working day-to-day in sometimes difficult environment, making our support staff argueably some of the best the can be found. I would be able to work for and with him at any time knowing we would be getting the job done. Any business with IT management needs would be well served by having him in their staff.” October 1, 2009

Jack Myers, Major Accounts/Document Imaging Sales Manager, Associated Business Systems

“In the many years of working with Scott, he has demonstrated not only great knowledge of I/T infrastructure, but somthing even more rare in the business world, ethics and commen sense. Scott has proven on a regular basis his careful stewerdship of resources under his control making decisions that are well researched and building partnerships that are "Win Win"” January 21, 2009