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Tricia Crismon, Director, I.T. PMO, Southwest Washington Health System

“Dennis' insight toward technical solutions in support of the organizational strategy was a key asset. His experience, combined with his industry contacts, provided a level of expertise to the customer that was invaluable.” March 14, 2010

Isaiah Reese, Senior Systems Administrator, Southwest Washington Medical Center

“I have known Dennis for a few years now and have worked for him directly as well. He is a manager with integrity and principle. I have known him to put his own well being second in the interest of what he knows is right more than once. Dennis treats his employees as he would treat himself. And he affords them the freedom to act that is necessary to fulfill the responsibilities inherent in IT. I am always happy to have the opportunity to work with him.” January 5, 2010

Rachel Brusseau, Laboratory Supervisor, Family Physicians Group

“Dennis is skilled at coming up with solutions to the problems. He was very honest about system or financial limitations of projects we worked on. I found him truthful, easy to talk to and respect him very much.” January 8, 2009

Dian Crawford

“I've worked with Dennis over the last couple of years and have been very impressed with his management skills and his understanding of technology and its place in business. Dennis is very forward thinking.” March 15, 2004

Will Swanson, Tech, Healthcare

“Dennis receives five stars in all categories. Dennis is a well-rounded, perceptive, salt-of-the-earth person. He understands the needs of all departments he works with as well as the concept of customer service- that the IT department provides a service to the rest of the company- and that maintaining a good relationship with every person in the company is part of that customer service. I could go on at length, however, I would not hesitate to work with Dennis again, or recommend him for a position, or refer others to work with him- I think that says enough.” May 21, 2007

Karrie Hildebrand, Clinical Product Manger, Continuex

“Dennis has always been professional and helpful in all areas of the IT department at Evergreen. He's always willing to work through problems to find the best possible solution. He's dilligent and hard working. I would recommend him for any company looking for a great IT manager.” March 27, 2008

Jack Myers, Document Imaging Manager Major Accounts, Associated Business Systems

“Dennis Moxley and I have worked on mutual projects for over 8 Years. His depth of knowledge and experience are found in only the top 10% of all the I/T professionals I interface with. Dennis routinely looks into the future to identify opportunities to lower cost and provide for infrastructure development well in advance of the need He thus insures end user satisfaction and consistent performance in a reliable network environment. I would without question recommend him to any organization small or large knowing he would provide for them a partnership executed with their best interests kept at the forefront. Feel free to call me if you have further questions Jack Myers Major Accounts Partnership Manager Document Imaging Manager Major Accounts Associated Business Systems A RICOH Company 7440 SW Bonita Road Portland OR 97224 503.244.4800 503.244.4800       Main Corp. 503-619-4753, 503-807-3967Cell This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it May 7, 2008

Michael Korn

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“Dennis has been a great client and consultant to me over the past 2 years. He has a thorough knowledge of IT and provides a dynamic skill set to any organization, which is rare. He is well versed in Databases, Programming Analysis, Network/System Engineering, and is a motivating manager/director. Dennis would provide exceptional value to any organization.” May 7, 2008

Scott Rommel, Account Manager, En Pointe Technologies

“Working with Dennis for over 6 years now. He is very bright, dedicated and a asset to any organization. I can say without a doubt that his number ONE priority is saving his company money without putting his companies technologies at risk. Dennis is respecfully tough with vendors which is very refreshing. I would definately recommend Dennis to anyone if given the chance.” May 7, 2008

Anthony Perry, Managing Director / Parkway Staffing Services, Evergreen Healthcare

“While I was Managing Director of the Evergreen Parkway holdings Dennis was the parent company IT Director. I found Dennis to: Have terrific technical skills, Be a sound leader, Align IT department with the organizations' goals Be an expert in the development of technical support systems for remote and unsophisticated users I look forward to the opportunity to work with Dennis again.” May 7, 2008

Isaiah Reese, Senior System Engineer, Evergreen Healthcare

“I worked for Dennis for over 1 year and he continuously proved himself to be a more than capable Director. He has the natural skill of providing his employees with the right balance between direction and autonomy. He has a valuable understanding of the cost benefit relationship in IT. He is also a clear communicator and is very personable, two rare and desirable qualities in the IT world. I would be glad to work with Dennis any time.” May 7, 2008

Bradley Jaramillo, Bus. Dev. Manager, En Pointe

“Dennis is that rare person that blends both a technical understanding of the IT industry with a core business accumen. He makes sure decisions he is making in the IT world are viewed from both the perspective of how the technolgy will work and act but also how it will help save the company money, drive efficiencies, or help the company grow. He would be a great hire for any company!” May 7, 2008

Jon Greenfield, Sr. Corporate Account Manager, CDW Corporation

“In working with hundreds of IT professionals across the nation, I have worked with many talented technicians and many talented managers. However, Dennis Moxley represents the best of both skill sets in a single mind. While Dennis thinks in "boardroom" ideas, he speaks in "server-room" words. His ability to connect with finance & operations executives while implementing with technical adminstrators makes him a valuable resource to both the planners and do'ers of his organization. Dennis's ability to both see the big picture and control the details of that big picture render him a uniquely effective IT executive.” May 9, 2008

Tom Graber

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“Dennis is a rare breed of individual that can execute as a strategic partner as well as support and grow a culture that encourages excellence, cooperation and personal accountability. You can rely on Dennis to call from his vast experiences as well as know that he has his pulse on emerging trends.” June 24, 2010